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Poultry shows are held where enthusiasts exhibit their birds which are judged on certain observable characteristic traits as specified by their breed standards. There are approximately 79 breeds and 200 varieties. The breed descriptions are listed in one of two books: "The Standard of Perfection: American Poultry Association" and "The Bantam Standard – American Bantam Association." The birds are judged on how closely they follow the standard of perfection for that breed. Judges score birds using a detailed point system that compares various physical traits on each bird. The closer a bird approaches the standard, the more points they will score and the better their chances of placing.  In a sanctioned poultry show, the exhibitor gets the opportunity to win points. With these points the exhibitor will build his/her name and their breed up.   
The fifth annual Pearl River Classic Poultry Show will be held at the Columbia Expo Center on January 26, 2019. Come out and be a part of the biggest sanctioned chicken show in Mississippi!  Our intentions are to keep this show a yearly event that will bring in breeders and enthusiasts from all over the country. Mississippi's poultry industry is the largest agriculture enterprise within our state, but we want people to see that there is more to Mississippi’s poultry than chicken houses and chicken house chickens. On this site, you will find all the information required to plan your day along with entry forms if you wish to enter. Show Coordinators are Scott McDonald, Julie McDonald, Shaun Williamson, and Elizabeth Williamson. We look forward to meeting you and continuing this adventure with your support! Take a look at our Show Catalog to find out what it's all about! If you need any further details, please contact us.

Best of Show winners don't just happen. It takes well-bred stock and a patient breeder to rise to the challenge. That's what the Pearl River Classic is all about!

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The Pearl River Classic Poultry Show