We are very excited to bring you this double Sanctioned show on January 26, 2019 in Columbia once again. Show Chairmen are members Scott McDonald and Julie Bryant McDonald.  A great Show Committee of members has been formed and a lot of hard work is underway! There are also Breed Club Meets at the Pearl River Classic!

If this is your first show or you're thinking about showing for the first time, take a look at the First Time Exhibitors page!

Events Schedule

Friday - January 25                            

                                                         12:00 - 8:30pm                      Coop In


Saturday - January 26

                                                           6:30am - 8:30am                 Coop In

                                                           MUST HAVE YOUR POULTRY IN THEIR COOP BY 9:00am

                                                           8:30am                                   Judge/Clerk Meeting

                                                           9:00am                                   Judging Begins

                                                           11:00am                                 Raffle

                                                           12:00pm                                 Lunch Break

                                                            1:00pm                                  Junior Awards

                                                            2:00pm                                  Raffle

                                                            2:30pm                                  Big Raffle Items & 50/50

                                                            3:00pm                                   Open Show Awards

Once champion row judging has been completed for both shows, you may coop out!

Early coop out will not be allowed!

Please be respectful of the other exhibitors, judges, and show attendees by following this rule. Stay and support your fellow exhibitors!

*Time may vary depending on amount of poultry to be judged.


                    Champion Class

                    Reserve Class

                    Bantam Champ

                    Large Fowl Champ

                    Bantam Reserve

                    Large Fowl Reserve

                    Grand Champion

                    Reserve Champion

                                                              Ultimate Grand Champion

All will be awarded for each show excluding Ultimate Grand Champion. You may be asking "Well, what is Ultimate Grand Champion?" Well, Grand Champion is chosen twice since we are doing 2 shows. We thought that it would be a change to bring all judges together after both shows are completed and judge both Grand Champions from each show against each other to name the Ultimate Grand Champion. The best of both shows! It's very rare that we ever see this done and we thought we would get the first poultry show in .....well, quite some time....in Mississippi to do something a little different. Someone will leave with bragging rights for having the best overall bird that entered in the Pearl River Classic and a trophy to prove it!

Show Day Events and Catalog

Download the Show Day Events and Catalog Here!

                      Show catalog