Show Requirements

Bird Health

~~All participants shall comply with the following:

  1. To enter you must be on the NPIP program for PT and AI H5H7 programs or be tested within 15 days of the show for PT and AI (AI test can be a swab test at your local vet and is normally around $2.00 per bird. Blood tests tend to be more expensive.), birds must be identified on a Health Certificate or on VS 9-2 by the NPIP tester in your state. After the cutoff date for show entries anyone out of state will receive an entry permit number.
  2. All poultry for exhibition in Mississippi shall have a negative pullorum-typhoid test within one year of the date of the show.All out-of-state birds must be tested by an authorized testing agent of that State. What this means: All participants must be NPIP tested within a year of the show. NPIP #'s and test date should be submitted with registration. If your state does not participate in NPIP such as Texas, a P/T Report must be submitted prior to the show.
  3. All poultry must be AI clean.
  4. Poultry for exhibition shall not have been vaccinated with a live virus vaccine within the last 30 days preceding the exhibition.
  5. During the exhibition, birds are subject to examination (including blood test and swabs) by a representative of the Mississippi Board of Animal Health. Birds will not be accepted which are infected with, or showing any clinical signs of a contagious disease, or are infested with lice and/or mites.
  6. Out-of-state birds will be admitted provided they are from an area that is not under quarantine for an infectious disease and satisfy the requirements for this rule.

Show Rules

  • Pearl River Classic reserves the right to reject any or all entries.
  • Entry Fees are $3.00 per bird per show (This is a double open show).
  • Clean up Fee is $5.00 per exhibitor sheet.
  • Judging will be done according to the APA Standard of Perfection and the ABA Bantam Standard by licensed Judges.
  • ONLY the judges and their clerk shall be allowed in the aisles or permitted to talk to the judge during the judging period. PLEASE be respectful and wait until the judge has time to answer any questions.
  • Exhibitor’s Table: Upon arriving at the show please check in at the exhibitor’s table to receive your exhibitor number, exhibitor list, feed and water cups.
  • Any birds showing signs of illness will be removed from the poultry buildings (show or swap) by the show officials.
  • The show is open to all entries of standard and recognized non-standard varieties of Large Fowl and Bantams.
  • Cockerels and pullets shall be under one year of age.
  • Birds need to be at least 6 months old by show time.
  • The Junior class will consist of youth exhibitors at least 5 years of age, but no older than 18.
  • Exhibitors will need to be able to handle their birds. *This includes all Junior entrees.
  • Show cages are provided by PRC.
  • Water and scratch will be available, but you are welcome to bring your own. Exhibitors must care for their own birds.
  • Once cooped in, birds are not to be handled by anyone other than the owner, Judge, or show management. No bird shall be removed from the show area without permission from show secretary.
  • PRC or its officials will not be held responsible for the loss, sickness, or injury to any bird on the show grounds. NOR will we be held responsible for caring for any birds left behind after coop out. (The local 4-H will appreciate your donation though.)
  • Official APA & ABA rules shall apply.
  • ALL poultry shall remain in their designated coops until release from the show superintendent. ANY birds removed early without permission will forfeit ALL awards and points.
  • Any person winning a spot on champion row is responsible for walking their bird up to champion row and placing it in the appropriate cage.
  • Any case not provided for in these rules will be referred to the show officials and their decision shall be FINAL.
  • The Columbia Expo Center is a smoke free facility.

    Please be respectful of the property.